15 03, 2017

Where Does Becoming a Leader Begin?

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There’s an old adage that you can’t love another until you love yourself. The same principle is true for leadership. Becoming a leader begins with you. Once Upon a Time… As a young manager, I approached my general manager with the idea of promoting a member of my team. My general manager listened patiently and [...]

10 03, 2017

How to Hold Yourself Accountable for Accountability

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According to a Harvard Business Review Report, 46% of managers are terrible at holding staff accountable, One out of every two managers is terrible at accountability. I’m surprised. I thought it would be higher. I’ve seldom seen managers good at accountability, including me, for most of my management career. How’s that Plan Working for you? [...]

1 03, 2017

Do You Know When to Coach and When to Manage?

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One of my mantras is that you manage projects and lead people.  I guess if we’re talking about managing versus coaching it would read you manage the game but coach players. Are you doing both in your workplace? When to Manage the Game  Years ago as VP of Operations at a home remodeling company I [...]

23 02, 2017

Manage Projects Lead People

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When I was a young manager, I picked up a bad habit of treating people like projects. I became convinced that if something worked with one person, it should work on everyone. I thought I could create a bullet-pointed plan to be used with every individual on my team. Later I called it project people [...]

2 02, 2017

How to Encourage Employees to Review You

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A couple of years ago I wrote a blog about employee reviews, Employee Reviews are an Ongoing Process. I outlined why reviews should be a yearlong process not once per year. The other day a manager asked me to review questions she had prepared for her staff to answer before their annual review. They were [...]

19 01, 2017

How to Add Action to your Words

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I was having dinner and drinks with a few friends last week when one of the group discussed completing her first class as a teacher. She had recently retired from journalism (do journalist ever really retire?) and was teaching a writing class at a local university. My friend wasn’t content with only sharing her knowledge; [...]

11 01, 2017

Why Leaders Should Make Amends, a Personal Story

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No one is perfect. Period. Regardless of someone’s status, their position in an organization, or their leadership role, they are not without flaws. People make mistakes. It’s what someone does about their miscues that informs their teammates what to expect, and that's what counts. Because done properly, making amends builds trust and respect. Last month [...]

22 12, 2016

Your Best Employee Retention Plan

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If you’re reading this, you already know employee retention may be the most important and challenging key to the success and survival of your business. If you’re in a leadership or human resources position, it might be the most critical piece to your growth and career. A lot rides on employee retention. And it’s not [...]

14 12, 2016

How Recognizing Employees Helps your Organization

By | 2016-12-14T09:21:29+00:00 December 14th, 2016|Leadership Values|

I’ve written about the importance recognizing employees in the workplace, The Power of Praise in Business. I’ve talked about the positive affect recognition has on employees, 4 Easy Ways to Improve Morale. And I’ve listed the top opportunities to recognize teammates, The Top Ten Times to Recognize Employees. I’ve shared the numbers, “The number-one reason most Americans leave [...]

21 10, 2016

When Helping Employees Hurts Your Business

By | 2016-10-21T10:54:33+00:00 October 21st, 2016|Leadership Values|

Throughout my leadership career, there have been too many times to count when I’ve helped an employee without any consideration as to how it might affect the business. I’ve since learned (I hope) that helping employees should never be to the detriment of the organization. Let me explain. Allowing Others to Fail isn’t Help A [...]