7 09, 2012

Gen Con and its Galactic Human Connection

By | September 7th, 2012|Indianapolis Events|

Have you heard of Gen Con? Ever wondered what it was about? I did. So I jumped at the chance to visit Gen Con with my friend, best-selling author, John Kaufeld and his daughter Becky. John was the perfect tour guide for Gen Con… if you don’t mind wandering the halls with a celebrity. It [...]

6 02, 2012

What Did Super Bowl 46 Mean to Indianapolis?

By | February 6th, 2012|Trucking & Logistics|

I believe that’s a difficult question, as SB46 meant a lot on many levels. There’s the obvious statistical data, such as: $150 Million — A conservative estimated economic impact $154 Million — Invested revitalization in Indy neighborhoods 2876 Trees — Planted in Indianapolis 150,000 Visitors — In Indy for SB46 100 Million Viewers — Will [...]

1 02, 2012

Indy’s Best Websites For SB46 Updates

By | February 1st, 2012|Indianapolis Events|

Are you visiting Indianapolis for SB46, and want to know what to do, where to go, and how to do it? We’ve listed a few Indy websites with social media presence where you can find the most up-to-date, reliable information. Whether you want to download a mobile app, follow on Twitter, friend on Facebook, or [...]