Hate’s a strong word. Personally, I can’t say I hate salespeople that do these ten things, but when they do them, I’m done. And not only am I done, but I tell others about my unfortunate experience, for example, an HVAC company that came to my house last year, but that’s another story. So, what are the top ten things that salespeople do that customers abhor? Here are mine.

My Top Ten

Off the Cuff Remarks

I don’t want a salesperson to be good on their feet I want them to know their product, my industry, and my needs, because I don’t need or want a song and dance.

A Confidence Buddy Up Approach

I like to get to know people as much as the next person, but when it’s evident that a salesperson is only trying to find common ground to gain my confidence and build trust, I shut down.

Old School Sales Psychology Techniques

Don’t attempt to trick, cajole, or lead me to a sale because I want to be advised not sold.  Old School Sales vs. New Age Consultants

Short-Term Thinking Rather Than Long-Term Planning

I don’t want to solve a problem today by creating one in the future. Help me with my long-term goals and permanent solutions to my most pressing issues if you want me to listen to what you have to share.

Over Promising

Don’t tell me what I want to hear if it’s not going to happen. Prepare me for all contingencies or lose me as a customer forever. Under Promise and Over Deliver? How about just keep your Promise?


Unless I ask for it I don’t need your opinion; I need facts.

Hard Sale

I don’t want to be sold I want to be helped, advised and consulted. How Not to Sale

Unsolicited Advice

Don’t give me advice I didn’t ask for, especially when it has little to do with solving my problems.

More Work

I don’t want to have to jump through hoops to work with you. Be easy to work with, and put me, the customer, first. Are You Easy to do Business With?


Lying isn’t only telling a bold face falsehood because when information is withheld, watered down, or spun it’s still a lie, and that’s the end of the road for me. Because once a salesperson has misled me there’s no coming back.

What’s Your Top Ten?

There are my top ten things I don’t want from a salesperson. What did I omit? What would you add? So, what stories can you share?