According to Track Maven only one in four B2B (Business to Business) organizations have an active presence on Pinterest. Why is that? Is it because B2B leaders believe Pinterest is only valuable for marketing material products to consumers? Or because they believe it’s only a network to share recipes and photos of flowers? Could be, and if that’s the company position then opportunities are being lost. Because there are Pinterest boards perfectly suited for B2B.

If you want to learn how a B2B can take advantage of Pinterest opportunities follow these three accounts and learn how it’s done.

What Pinterest Boards Are Best For a B2B?

Pinterest is a visual site so the first answer to the question of what boards are best for B2B is visual. Create boards for your best visuals. The second part of the answer is what will your target audience find interesting and how can that be presented visually.

The good news is you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Although you may consider creating content exclusively for Pinterest, you can repurpose the content you already have as well as content being created for other medias and mediums. Here are a few ideas.


There may be no better network for sharing infographics than Pinterest. It’s made for the content. Because combining facts and images makes a perfect Pin. Here’s an example, Infographics


Wait, isn’t Pinterest a visual social network? Yes, it is, but your blogs have images, don’t they? Please tell me they do. Why Your Blog Needs Images. Share your blog with its image and bring business back to your website. Want an example?  Wraps and Graphics Blogs.


Sharing information about your industry whether it’s content you created or found will always be of interest to prospects. Clever Vehicle Graphics.

Inspirational Quotes

The great thing here is you don’t have to create the sayings; you can if you want, but there are plenty to share. Look for quotes packaged in good visuals as well as those that fit your company culture. Great Words for Life.

Products and Services

Share your products and services. Think image first but share how to use your product, the problems your services solve, how they’re manufactured, and how they’re used.

Behind the Scenes

People like to take a peek behind the curtain. For example, whether it’s B2B, B2C (Business to Consumer) or NFP (Not for Profit) the act of business always comes down to P2P (People to People) so why not share what your people think and do? Team Talk


With approval from your client, share about their business and how you interact with them. Share customer reviews and testimonials. There may be no better form of marketing than messages from satisfied customers.


What keywords do you focus on in web copy and content creation? Whatever they are, build boards around your top keywords.

Case Studies and EBooks

Pinterest is one more place to share long form content. Be certain all eBooks, case studies, and white papers have images attached.

Fun and Funny

Show your human side, people like doing business with people, not corporations. Poke a little fun at yourself. TKO in the Wild.


It doesn’t get more visual than video. Post professionally shot videos and those recorded on your smart phone. They don’t all have to be perfect, just real. TKO Graphix Video.

Don’t Get Bored with Your Boards

This looks like a lot, 11 ideas for boards are listed above. However, you don’t have to begin with 11 boards. Pick a few where you already have images and then take a few minutes each day to pin a few posts, (or is that post a few pins?). If this sounds like the last thing you want to do every day find someone on your team who enjoys pinning. So, how do you use Pinterest, and if you haven’t used it yet, how will you use Pinterest?

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