We didn’t start all these types of videos. We posted our first video on YouTube, TKO Graphix Video, more than seven years ago. Since then we’ve uploaded more than 175 videos and have more then 150,000 views. We’ve uploaded many  types of videos.  Some of these video categories will fit your business and culture, others may not.

It doesn’t take much research to learn that video should be an integral component of any marketing plan.  “According to an upcoming report from HubSpot Research, 54% of consumers want to see videos from brands they support in comparison to email newsletters (46%) or social image (41%) based content. We also found that video content was the most memorable (43%) in comparison to text (18%) and images (36%).” – HubSpot Video Marketing.    

Where Do You Start

Let’s make this easy. Listed below are 18 types of videos with examples from the TKO video archives. To get started pick one category, watch the video, takes notes, and then outline a video for your organization.

Next, ask your team if anyone has video shooting and editing experience, you may be surprised. If no one has video experience, then contact a local video production provider. Here’s another option, if you google video editing services you’ll find videographers who specialize in taking your rough footage and editing it, which is a lower cost option than hiring a full production team, yet will still have a professional touch.

Your Videos Don’t Have to Be Perfect

Most of our videos are RSV (Real Simple Video). However, what the videos accomplish is reaching a targeted audience. Be warned all of our videos aren’t the highest quality – there not meant to be. Here’s an example, Why Simple Videos Work.

18 Types of Videos Any Business Can Do


Does your organization sponsor events, are you involved in the community, how about annual outings, holiday parties, and award ceremonies? All are video opportunities, because consumers want to work with businesses that care. So, show them that you do with a short video.

TKO Care Crew and the Gathering Together

Wabash National Donates Refrigerated Trailer to Food Finders Food Bank

Customer Testimonials

Consumers are sick and tired of being pitched and sold, aren’t you? Consider this, when you vet a company or product do you look for reviews and testimonials? I know I do and many of your prospective customers do as well.

White River Gardens at the Indianapolis Zoo the Butterfly Exhibit 

How to

Every hour of the day people are searching for educational information. What better way to deliver what folks are looking for than by video?  So, give it to them.

How to Remove a Decal

How an Internally Illuminated Flex Face Sign is Made |


Some products are easy to price, others such as vehicle graphics are complicated by multiple options. So, in that case, share the key variables and offer price ranges.

How Much do Vehicle Graphics Cost?

Behind the Scenes

People want to see behind the curtain, they not only want to know what you do but how it’s done. For example, if you’ve ever wondered how to wrap a 53-foot tractor-trailer, then you might find this two-minute time-lapse video intriguing.

Wrapping a 53-foot Trailer

Product Advantage

What advantages do you have over your competition, what sets you apart? What is your USP (unique sales position)?

The Advantages of Screen Print for Large Format Graphics


What tools, training, and equipment do you have that helps your target audience, and how can it help them?

HP Scitex TJ8300 Printer

How Else Can You Help?

We’ve helped customers and potential clients with expertise that has nothing to do with our business such as this, “Our marketing team recently attended an event with a potential customer. We knew they’d just started using social media in their business. We explained our newest service, TKO Signs, and its benefits. Then, we offered to share our experience with social media. We spent the rest of our time discussing how to use social media, and how it could help them. A few days later, they contacted us about a national signage project.” — How to Write an Elevator Pitch

How to Critique Without Creating Animosity: The Sandwich Method

Share Solutions

How do you turn a plain white 1993 provost bus into a party bus? Watch and learn.

Five Star Dance Studio Party Bus


Share your brand and promote your business with video. Not only do these work online but branding videos are excellent for events and trade shows.

TKO Companies: Complete Graphic Solutions

Make People Feel Good

How do you make people feel good? How about the surprise reunion of a young man and the woman who raised him? This one brings a tear of joy to my eye every time I watch it.

Pvt Travis Fife surprises his stepmother at TKO Graphix


What’s the story behind your organization? Share your history.

Celebrating 30 Years at TKO Graphix

Just for Fun

Sometimes you just gotta have a little fun, because, people like to laugh How to apply a Plotter Cut Decal to a Vehicle: Reenactment

Let Team Members Share

Team members often have a new or different perspective such as TKO Graphix designer Jamie Burch in this video.

Joe’s Butcher Shop Vehicle Graphics


This short animated video is an example of having some fun while promoting a solution to a common problem for small businesses.

Let TKO Help with your Marketing

Share your Expertise

This Plainfield Police vehicle rebrand is a perfect example of showing expertise and adding a call to action.

Vehicle Graphics Installation: Plainfield Police Department


This one’s easy we get tons of FAQ’s.

How to Install a Vinyl Decal

Pick One of the 18 Types of  Videos

There you have it 18 types of videos. I’m certain at least one fits your business, and it might have even sparked a few ideas. If video isn’t part of your marketing plan, it’s high time it is. So, pick one and have at it.

TKO Graphix is a national fleet and vehicle graphics company helping customers since 1985. We provide full-service graphic design, digital printing, screen printing, graphics installation, and removal of large format graphics.

We’re a fleet and vehicle graphics company and since 1985, we’ve been helping businesses, large and small, brand their fleet of tractor-trailers, service trucks and company vehicles. Whether you have a fleet of thousands or a few vehicles, we are here to lead you through the vehicle branding process.

TKO Graphix is a Certified 3M™ MCS™ Warranty graphics manufacturer. Our installation crews are 3M Certified and are employees of TKO Graphix, not sub-contractors. If you’d like to learn more and get a free quote, contact us today.

Photo by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash