Have you ever had a job you dreaded? One where you hated getting up in the morning? A job where you were angry or depressed your entire commute? When you were in that situation did you always deliver in the workplace? Did you go above and beyond? Or did you get by treading water while you watched the clock drag slowly on? Were you not having any fun at work?

What was missing? Was it fun in the workplace? How important is fun in the workplace? It can be the difference between an engaged staff that builds a better widget or a fear-based culture that creates subversion. And that’s why having fun at work is crucial.

Don’t misunderstand fun at work. Sometimes it does involve a little goofing off time but more often than not fun can be getting the job done.

20 Ways to Have More Fun at Work 

Create Friendly Competition

Setting up individuals or teams to compete can be a blast. Competitions can be measured with all sorts of deliverables. What competition would help your business and team?

Give Recognition

People like being appreciated. At TKO we have a one-page graphic called, I caught you doing something right! Any employee can share one with another.

Share a Sense of Accomplish

Human beings like to know what they do matters. Celebrate job completions with the entire team.

Remember Employment Anniversaries

We publish employment anniversaries in our monthly newsletter. Mike Roessler, a TKO manager with more than 25 years tenure, sends an email to every employee on their anniversary date.

Share a Quote of the Day

Our HR specialist, shares a quote of the day in person with the design and marketing team.


Allow employees to decorate their work areas.

Let’s Play Ball

I worked with a company that held an annual basketball tourney. TKO participates in more than one golf outing.

Put up a Humor Board

Place a board in the breakroom where teammates can share appropriate cartoons and other pieces of humor.

Make a Wall of Fame

Give employees a place to brag about accomplishments outside of work.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

I worked in a call center they rang a large brass bell when a lead was confirmed. One employee bought in a full-size gong! It was awesome and fun.

Toy Around with it

My friends at 12 Stars Media, a video production company, are wonderful with toys. I once was involved in a Nerf gun battle in their offices. It was a war where everyone won because it was fun. They have a production progress board made of, wait for it, Legos.

Pitch In

At TKO we have pitch in’s, cook-offs, and company sponsored lunches monthly. Most are to benefit a charity. Our team of CSR’s has a monthly pitch in to which they invite other departments to join them.

Get well

Our Wellness Committee has organized and promoted walks, weight loss challenges, and a smoking cessation initiative. Once a month they visit every department with a snack of the month and to share what’s new.


We also have a Volunteer Committee that coordinates with local charities. We’ve sponsored food drives, and volunteered at an animal shelter.

Write a Positive Note

It’s that simple. Write a handwritten note and set it at a co-workers workstation. Your teammate will smile and isn’t that fun?

Send a Thank You Card

When’s the last time you received a handwritten thank you card? Did it mean something to you? Did you keep the card? I keep mine.

Sing Happy Birthday

Better yet bring a cake and candles, and then sing.

Celebrate Holidays

At TKO we love the winter holidays. We decorate our offices, play holiday music, and even have an ugly Christmas sweater contest.

Start a Thank You Day 

This isn’t complicated all you have to do is gather a few employees and ask them to commit to saying thank you every chance they get, and to ask others to pay it forward.

Is Your Work Fun?

Do you have a good time and get the job done at your place of business or is it a place of dread? If your workplace isn’t at the level of funness (yes that’s a new word—I think) then what are going to do about it? There are twenty, count ‘em, fun actions you can take listed in this post. So, what are you waiting for, pick one a have some fun.

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