At TKO Graphix I have the privilege of wearing several hats, leadership development, social media marketing, and content creation. In 2010 most people had little idea what this Twitter and blogging stuff was that I was doing. Many wondered if the effort was worth it. Today, people might not know exactly what it is I do, but they understand the need for it, at least most of them do. This post is for those who aren’t clear as to the benefits of content marketing and for those marketers who need to share this with their C – staff. The following are examples of how TKO has benefited from content marketing.

4 Benefits of Content Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google uses crawlers to search sites for content and keywords. The quality and usefulness of the content will impact the SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The consistency of published, quality content also affects rank. For example, at TKO we post six new blogs per week. Four on TKO Graphix Blog, one on  TKO Marketing Solutions Blog and one on  TKO Signs Blog.  Over the last 30 days, the TKO Graphix blog alone received more than 10,000 visits. That’s 10,000 visitors who might have never connected with TKO without our content marketing. According to SEMrush we rank on the first page, 5th overall, in an English language search for Fleet Graphics, which is our primary target audience.

Lead Generation, Filling the Sales Funnel  

Every day we receive inquiries about our products, but what might be more important is how our search ranking affects the buying process. Our first-page rank not only introduces us to prospects it adds credibility, which is significant when businesses search TKO Graphic. Let me ask you, before you choose a provider do you research them? Do you do a google search on the business? It also doesn’t hurt that TKO has 58 Google reviews with a 4.9 out of 5 rating. How Important are Reviews for Your Business?  

Credibility and Trust

Our page ranking is driven by the valuable content we provide. When folks have questions about graphics they know we have the answers, for example, if you google vehicle graphics cost we come up above the fold. Every day more than 100 visitors come to our video blog, which answers this question, What Does a Vehicle Wrap Cost?  This content and others like it has established TKO as an expert in our field.

Brand Awareness

By sticking with brand colors, fonts, and logos on all of our content we add to the brand awareness of our company, but it’s more than that. Of the 10,000 visitors to our blog over the last 30 days 90% were new visitors, folks we’d never connected with previously. Many of these visitors probably had never heard of us until they did an organic search and found us on the first page. Now they’re familiar with our brand.

Should Your Business be Marketing Content?

Like I said, in 2010 there was some doubt as to the cost effectiveness of content marketing, but since then we’ve garnered valuable contracts directly from our content marketing efforts. And the company has shown consistent growth over the same period of time. Is the growth all due to content marketing? Of course not, but it has more than paid for itself. Are you ready to begin? If you’d like advice, I’d be more than happy to share what I’ve learned including my many mistakes.

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