Andy Randall, Branch Manager of Great Dane Indianapolis, shared four important insights in this short video —

Communication is Critical

This is true for any vendor, but maybe more so with graphics providers. Randall credits Melinda Hass and Lee Faulkner of TKO Signs for leading the way.

Trust is Key

Andy mentions TKO President, Tom Taulman II, and VP of Operations, Denny Smith, and how they build relationships by delivering on promises and meeting customer’s needs.

Service Makes a Difference

Even a small problem, such as the scratched paint on the pylon mentioned in this video — if left uncorrected — might ruin the entire project.

Design Can Make or Break a Sign

Great Dane’s previous sign was difficult (if not impossible) to see from the highway. The new sign is designed and positioned to be seen from three different roads. A sign doesn’t do its job when it can’t be seen.

The next time you’re traveling through Indianapolis, and you’re near Sam Jones Expressway and Interstate 70, look to the east, and you’ll see a sign — a “Great” Dane sign.