Business blogs fail because their importance is undervalued; therefore, businesses either don’t dedicate the resources, or… they just give up. Why does this happen? Because the importance of a blog is often misunderstood. A blog can help generate leads; however, if you believe the only reason for a business blog is to generate leads – you may be disappointed. When a blog is expected to directly generate leads, and doesn’t, the blog often withers and dies. An effective blog can increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization), add value to an organization’s entire web presence, therefore increasing exposure and leads – whether prospects land on the blog or not. Business blogs fail because businesses don’t realize the blogs potential. So, what can be done? 

An post explains, “…Google has made no secret of its desire to reward high-value content with top SERPs (search engine results page) rankings… Getting your content quality up now offers one of the best opportunities to protect your site from future changes.”

What Makes an Effective Blog?

Post Consistently – At TKO, we post six blogs a week, every week. We want to move that number to 7 and then 10, but we began six years ago with one blog per week. Does post quantity make a difference? According to Chad Pollitt of Kuno Creative, “2-3 blog posts per week to 5-10 had a significant impact on the number of visits from referring websites. saw a 309% bump in referral visits after deploying content marketing as a strategy.” Whether one or five new posts are posted, it’s important to be consistent.

Promote on Social Media – Google algorithms now assess social media engagement, as well as content. This infographic from Social Media Today lists social promotion as one of the most effective ways to gain exposure for your site.

Write Compelling Content – Ask yourself why anyone would want to read your post, and what do they take away? Offer not only interesting topics, but well-written posts.

Present a Professional Package – Typography, a cohesive style, and related content can all make a post look professional or amateurish. Which do you want representing your company?

Why Do Business Blogs Fail?

To answer the question, when business blogs fail, it’s often because they’re forgotten and ignored. Time after time, I visit blogs and find nothing has been posted in months. They’re not a priority – something is always more important… or is it?

The Four Reasons Are:
4. Insufficient resources are dedicated to the blog
3. The blog is not promoted
2. It’s unprofessional in content and presentation
1. And the number one reason is… the business doesn’t understand how important the blog is to SEO and gives up.