4 Uncommon Uses for Retractable Banners

Retractable banners and banner stands – which consist of a base, frame, and graphics panel – are traditionally used for trade shows and events. Lightweight, compact, and easy to transport – they lend themselves to quick and easy setup and tear-down. Banner stands include retractable stands, tension banner stands, cantilever displays, adjustable rotating stands, tripods, scrolling banners, tabletops, A-frames, and more.

Banner stands may be used in a variety of ways at trade shows and events. By designing two or more in a series, they can be used for the backdrop of a trade show booth. They may also be used as a stand-alone promotional display in an event space. Sizes and shapes may vary to almost any use, from a small tabletop, to a large call-to-action banner.

4 Other Uses

  • 1. Wayfinders – Banner stands are used at events as temporary wayfinder signs, as well as semi-permanent directional signs. Banner stands can be a creative addition to traditional wayfinder signs when used with hanging banners, signs, and floor graphics.
  • 2. Promotions – Many banner stands allow for changing graphics. Retail outlets may advertise a sale or discount, charitable organizations might announce a need such as a request for volunteers, or libraries and museums might list activities. Schools use banner stands for events, campaigns, recognition, etc.
  • 3. Interior décor – Why not incorporate these into your business’s décor? A vestibule or lobby banner sharing your organization’s mission statement, photos of employees with quotes, customer testimonials, new product information, awards and recognition – the possibilities are nearly endless.
  • 4. Exterior signage – A-frames and other banner stands designed for exterior use may be used to add to your message. It’s recommended to limit your fixed permanent signage message, but why not add to it with a banner stand sign? By listing product and service bullet points on a banner, which could be too busy for a permanent sign, prospects may be better informed and engaged.

Whether you’re using banner stands for events, or out-of-the-box applications, they are an easy-to-use, inexpensive alternative to many traditional types of displays and graphics. If you’d like to learn more about retractable and other banner stands, contact us.