Does your corporation give back to the community?  Do employees participate? If so, you’ve already seen benefits from giving back, but there may be more reasons to participate in charitable giving than meets the eye.

Reduces Turnover and Increases Productivity

One way to reduce turnover and increase productivity is employee engagement. While business leadership struggles for ways to engage employees, they often overlook corporate sponsored volunteerism and giving. Organizations that help employees volunteer have learned the benefits of bringing their team together in charitable engagement.

“Employees most committed to their organizations put in 57% more effort on their job—and are 87% less likely to resign than employees who consider themselves disengaged.”  PWC.Com – The Keys to Corporate Responsibility Employee Engagement

Tears Down Silos

Every organization develops silos where the part becomes greater than the whole. Tear Down Your Silos. The way to tear down silos is for employees to interact, to get to know each other across divisional and departmental lines. Cross training is one way to accomplish this, Failing to Cross Train Leads to Failure. Another method to break down walls and foster camaraderie is through volunteerism and charitable giving. For the last several years TKO Graphix has participated in the Salvation Army Angel Tree Toy Drive. Participation has brought together team members from every position in every department.

Adds to Corporate Culture 

Giving back not only influences corporate culture it can define it. A company known for responsible community participation says a lot about the organization. It says something to clients. A provider that cares, cares about customers too, and it sends the same message to employment candidates.

Builds Recognition

I don’t want this to sound crass and commercial, but the truth is charitable initiatives are a form of marketing. It’s a way to focus media on a corporation. Whether it’s branded signage at a local charitable golf outing or a spot on Live at 5, charitable actions shed a positive light on an organization.

There’s another point of consideration about recognition. Volunteerism is a great way to recognize employees as well. 4 Ways to Improve Morale.

Is Your Corporate Giving Enough?

It would be difficult to find a business that didn’t participate in some kind of corporate giving, but is it enough, and are employees involved? Ask yourself this, does my organization’s charitable giving involve employees, add to our culture, bust silos, and improve productivity? If not it may be time to reevaluate your corporate giving philosophy.