Although the majority of businesses in America may not have completely embraced social media—most use it. Some long-standing industries have been slow to adopt the social networks, such as Twitter, while others use it for marketing, recruiting, and customer service. Small businesses and large alike have adopted social media marketing. And small and large alike have ignored it. The trucking industry is no different. However, some carriers are using social media, including Twitter, to their advantage.

What’s this Twitter all about?  

Many organizations are confused about whether twitter is a viable platform for conducting business. Even companies, who use Facebook to promote customer service, or LinkedIn to stay in contact with interested parties and business partners, may still be unsure how to use twitter. Twitter is a place to reach out and meet people. This can be accomplished by sharing information of interest to a targeted demographic.

Should your Trucking Company be on Twitter?

Twitter can be an effective tool for recruiting, expanding your marketing, and connecting with customers for nearly any business including carriers. As with all social media, reaching an audience is based on attraction, not promotion. Social media marketing isn’t advertising; it’s not a monologue—it’s a dialogue between the company and others. It’s an exchange of information with recruits, customers, and prospects. Here a few examples of trucking companies doing just that.[separator style_type=”shadow” top_margin=”10″ bottom_margin=”20″ sep_color=”” icon=”” width=”” class=”” id=””]
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On twitter @WheatonMoving  tweets about such things as the best Halloween movies for children, daylight savings reminders, and a call to action to get out and vote. Sharing useful information attracts followers allowing Wheaton to share tweets related to their industry to a growing audience. Here’s an example:

[separator top=”20″ style=”none”] @RLCarriers In the last few days RL Carriers shared college football records, reports of growth in manufacturing, and a call to action to share office costume photos. They also shared their capabilities, for example, this tweet.

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@Millistransfer Shares driver safety tips, information of importance to veterans, and hiring opportunities such as this.

[/one_half] [one_half last=”yes” class=”” id=””] @XTRALease tweets about road conditions, driver safety, inspections and more.

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@CRST offers tips to drivers for healthy living on the road. They tweet about safety, such as the best practices for night driving and they use twitter as a recruiting tool.

[separator top=”20″ style=”none”] @Drive_Celadon promotes healthy lifestyle choices including wellness Wednesday. They share photos of awesome trucks as well as reports of inclement weather and hazardous driving conditions. They do a great job promoting their corporate blog on twitter. Here’s an example of others sharing a Celadon blog post about recruiting strategies.


You Should only use Twitter if you need…

If you could use a recruiting platform, marketing network, and customer service tool then twitter may be the answer. If you decide to jump into the tweet pool keep in mind, it’s not a place to overkill with advertisements and company announcements. It’s a place to share, converse, and help; along the way you may be surprised when recruits inquire about positions and customers ask about your services. Are you on THE twitter? What’s your handle good buddy?