6 Underutilized Employment Recruiting Methods
Last week, you lost a key employee, or you landed a big contract and need more labor, or your business is growing faster than your employees can keep up. You need to add members to your team and you needed them yesterday. You’ve placed ads on Monster.com, Craig’s List, and your community college job board. You’ve begun the process of sorting through resumes, contacting candidates, and scheduling interviews, but you haven’t found the right new hires to add to your team. What else can you do?

Ask New Hires for Referrals

Add this to your new employee orientation. They’ve been out of work and are excited about their new position. Ask them who they know who needs an employment opportunity. You may be surprised and rewarded.

Review Old Resumes and Applications

Although some may be outdated, it’s worth a few minutes of review. If an applicant possessed the qualifications for the job when they applied—they still do. I once contacted an applicant who’d applied two years prior. I learned they were back in the job market and I hired them to join our team.

Place an Ad in Your Newsletter

If you don’t have an internal newsletter, send an in-house email, listing positions available.

Post it On Social Media

Facebook is an ideal network to share opportunities, as well as Twitter, Google +, and for some positions—Pinterest. LinkedIn may be useful as well, but be aware they charge for job listings.

Place a Help Wanted Sign in the Window

Add signage wherever your organization is present – trade shows, sponsored events, or an open house. It can be as simple as, “Ask us about our employment opportunities.”

Put it on Your Website

I’ve been on hundreds of sites that miss this opportunity. We’re redesigning our site, and it’s one of the features being added. A word of caution: keep it updated with current available positions.

Don’t just rely on placing an ad and hoping the right person responds. Use every resource available to get the word out to as many candidates possible. Are you involved in the hiring process? What recruiting methods have worked for you?

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