As I write this, unemployment hovers near 5 %. It’s a job seekers market. For many positions, there doesn’t seem to be enough qualified candidates to go around. But even if the unemployment rate skyrockets, small business will be competing against large firms for the top recruits. Large corporations have much to offer, a brand, recognition, and reputation, but small biz can compete and win when it comes to recruiting employees. Here’s how.

6 Advantages Small Biz Has When Recruiting Employees

  1. Flexibility

Too often big biz is unaccommodating to individual needs. They have policies and procedure that aren’t exceptionable. A small business can bend to meet the needs of candidates. Whether it’s part-time, telecommuting, or job sharing, small business often has the advantage when it comes to meeting individual needs. When recruiting younger employees flexibility might be the deciding factor.

  1. Team Culture

I’ve worked for three large corporations, and although all three fostered the appearance of a team culture, it didn’t fit my definition. Teams not only work together they make decisions together. When I worked for the corporations, my team had ideas but we might wait months for an answer from headquarters. Let candidates know they’ll be part of the team as well as the decision-making process.

  1. Making it Personal

Large corporations can be cold. People become numbers. Human resources is one size fits all. A small business can learn the needs of a candidate and fit the position around them. Learn what motivates a candidate and provide what they need.

  1. Sharing a Vision

Not only a vision for the company, but a path of growth for the recruit. Plant the seed during the interview process. Learn where the recruit wants to be and show them a way to get there. Want to get Ahead? Create the Path

  1. Committing to Growth

People have asked my advice on how to get promoted in an organization. The first piece of advice I give them is to choose a company that has a track record of growth because if they ain’t growing, it doesn’t matter what you do. Share your commitment to growth with recruits.

  1. Showing Stability

Anything you can share to show your stability is a plus. Time in business, experience, customer testimonials, even your credit rating may make the difference when competing with big business for the best candidate.

Make it About You

Yes, big business has some advantages over small business when it comes to recruiting, but small biz has its advantages as well. When competing with the big boys and girls for new hires rather than collide head on, play to your strengths. Make it personal, find out what’s important to the recruit, and be flexible enough to fit your business to their needs. Keep in mind, you may not be a big deal (yet), but you can do things big business can’t. Now go recruit.