There are probably more than 7 trucking facts most of are unaware of, but revealing 7 is a good start. Most of us, self-included, take trucking for granted, and that’s a mistake. Without trucking, we’d all be in a world of hurt. According to Forbes, “Trucking is the driving force behind all companies’ worldwide supply chains, moving nearly everything consumed in this country. Nearly 80% of U.S. communities receive their goods exclusively by truck.

Virtually all U.S. goods touch a truck during at least one leg of the supply chain. Trucking moves nearly 70% of all freight tonnage in this country. Even goods that have traveled by railroads eventually wind up on a truck for the ‘last mile’ of the delivery.” How many of these trucking facts are you familiar with?

Here are a Few Trucking Facts That Might Surprise You

There are more trucks than you think, but less than it seems.

In 2015 there were 11,230,184 registered trucks on American highways. However, trucks make up only a small percentage of the total vehicle registrations of 263,610,219. Next time you’re on the interstate and think it’s all trucks you might want to do the math and check your trucking facts.

To the Moon and back

The total of vehicle miles traveled by all types of vehicles on American roads in 2015 was 3,095.4 billion miles. Commercial trucks accounted for 279.8 billion of those miles or 9.0 percent. The moon is an average of 238,500 miles distance from the Earth. So, trucks traveled enough miles in 2015 to make it to the moon and back more than 180 times!

That’s one heavy haul

In 2015 1,773 tons of freight was shipped by train. When you’re stopped at a railroad crossing, it seems as if all the cargo in the world is double-stacked on the train in front of you. But the truth is 11,396 tons of cargo shipped in the USA in 2015 was by truck—more than six times that shipped by trains. Trucking moves more than 70% of the freight in the United States. Tucking facts.

Working for a Livin’

One out of every 16 jobs in America is directly tied to the trucking industry. “In 2017, about 125.97 million people were employed on a full-time basis.” — Full time employees in America, which means more than 7 million Americans, are employed in trucking or industries directly related.

 We’re talking about groceries, medicine, fuel, and more

80% of U.S. communities’ count on trucking carriers to deliver the commodities most of us take for granted on a daily basis. Without trucks, banks would run out of cash, garbage would pile up in the streets, and hospitals would run out of life-saving supplies.

It’s a man’s world

In an industry woefully short-staffed only 6% of truck drivers are female. And yet they have higher safety ratings! Female drivers could solve the truck driver shortage. 

Trucking is going green

“In the past 19 years, heavy-truck and off-road exhaust emissions have plunged by 95%. Sixty modern clean-diesel trucks create the same amount of exhaust gasses as one 1988 truck.” — Go By Truck — Interesting facts about the US trucking industry.

So, What’s the Point?

The point is that without a healthy trucking industry we, every one of us, would be in deep do-do, which means we need to support the trucking and logistics industries. The next time you take trucking for granted think about the fresh produce you purchased at the grocery. And when you hear legislation for highway improvement remember that without good roads it’s difficult to deliver your medications. Don’t forget that if the trucking industry falters so does the American economy. The bottom line is that we all depend on trucks, truckers, and carriers, and should stand with them.

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