9 Cheap and Easy Offline Marketing Tactics
Online marketing has been touted so much, we sometimes forget there are other ways to market products. Traditional offline marketing can be inexpensive, uncomplicated, and can reach demographics often missed online. There’s a false belief that online marketing is free. It’s not. The cost in man hours alone to create content and manage social media can be substantial. On the other hand, many think offline marketing is expensive — not always.

Learn by Doing

Press releases are a very effective form of offline (and online) marketing / PR. Let me tell you what I knew about writing my first press release — not much. I learned by Googling and reading other releases. And though I’ve made mistakes, I’ve been able — with the help of our marketing team — to publish releases in local and national periodicals, which have boosted our company’s branding efforts. Believe me, if I can do this, you can.

Maybe writing a press release isn’t for you, but there are other offline marketing approaches that will fit your business and market. Here’s 8 more:

• Use and distribute collateral materials — Pamphlets, brochures, one-pagers.

• Handout coupons — Print and distribute coupons to customers in correspondence, when you meet, or at point of purchase.

• Go to events — Set up a table at local school, charity, church, or club events. It’s often little or nothing for the space.

• Place free ads — Place ads in local free publications that target your audience.

• Get published — Offer to write for local periodicals who are looking for content. Better yet, write a book!

• Join networks — Get involved, keep it simple, meet others, and spread the word.

• Buy a school ad — Place an ad in a school program, paper, or schedule.

• Give away promotional products – Stock branded merchandise to give away.

Whether you offer a high-end or low-end product or service, or you’re in B2B or retail – if you’re not using offline marketing strategies, you’re missing opportunities to connect. Offline doesn’t need to be expensive TV, radio, and magazine ads. It can be as simple as meeting your next customer at an after school event. What offline marketing have you found successful?

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