There’s a certain mystique to wrapping a race car. It’s partially the romance of the sport—man and machine pushed to the edge of their limits in America’s modern day gladiator rings and it’s partially due to the creativity allowed, even expected, when designing a race car wrap. Race graphics need to inform the public of the sponsor and at the same time create excitment. That’s what this race car design accomplishes. It roars.

What Makes this Wrap Work?

To begin with it immediately captures your attention. The red, white, and blue stars and stripes progressing to the claw mark-like scratches of a giant lion fading to black are eye-catching. The three-dimensional number 78 stands out almost floating in the air above the car. At the same time, the Lyons Truck and Trailer letters and Lions Head logo are clearly visible on the hood. It’s the “mane” attraction.

Who is Lyons Truck and Trailer Inc.?

Lyons Truck and Trailer is a “Leading Trailer and Truck Trader serving the needs of Indianapolis, Indiana and the nearby areas, Lyons Truck & Trailer, Inc. is committed to providing outstanding customer service as well as a constantly updated inventory of trucks, trailers, and parts.” Lyons helps companies find exactly the equipment they need, and if they don’t have it they’ll do their best to find it for you. They not only have trucks in many classes and from most manufacturers but also an assortment of trailers: Drop Deck Trailers, Dry Van Trailers, Flatbed Trailers, Reefer Trailers, Used Grain Trailers, and More. As a complete service provider, they offer parts and service for trailers and trucks.

The Racing

The Lyons Truck and Trailer race car competes in the CRA (Championship Racing Association) at events such as the Cabin Fever Championship at Lucas Oil Raceway.

If you’d like to learn more about vehicle graphics for your race team, fleet vehicles, or trailers contact us, we’ll help you to the starting line.