Our most viewed blog post, with over 10,000 hits, isn’t a writing masterpiece. At a mere 164 words it’s one of our shortest posts—it doesn’t share a wealth of information. What it does is answer one burning question… How much does a Vehicle Wrap Cost Our most watched video, closing in on 15,000 views, is How to Remove a Decal, an early video before I discovered tripods or noise reduction—it’s not a work of art. Both pieces of content solve problems and share valuable information. They answer questions our potential customers wanted answered. What does your prospect want answered?

How do you Know What Questions to Answer?

Begin by asking your team. Every week we post an FAQ (Frequently Asked Question) and every week I visit different departments and pick their brains. At first I only had to ask what their most frequent questions were—now I may ask how they would answer a specific question, what was the last question they were asked, or what they wish someone would ask. I vary whom I ask, and I ask everyone. I talk to salespeople and CSR’s, designers and installers, C-level staff and production workers. Our top blog post came from asking a CSR her most asked question.

Talk to customers. Not a week goes by that I don’t stop and chat with a customer at our facility. I ask what questions and concerns they have and what they’d like to know more about. Whether it’s face-to-face, email, or a phone call—survey your customers. They’ll inform you what to answer. The concept for our top video came from chatting with a customer while he waited on his vehicle.

Google it. When I’m stuck for an idea, I’ll google an FAQ such as graphics removal, sign installation, popular promotional products, or other areas of our business. What are prospects asking and what are competitors answering? If you want to reach an audience—find out what’s being searched.

I didn’t share the numbers on our top post and video to brag. I wanted to share a bit of proof. Now, if our video received nearly 5 million hits like this one How to Open a Wine Bottle without a Corkscrew, then I’d brag. Think about it, what a great question for a wine producer to answer. It isn’t directly about their product, but it put them directly in touch with 5 million wine drinkers. What problems do your customers want solved?

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