As real as this video might seem, in the spirit of transparency, we wish to inform you this episode is not a real-time actual TKO Graphix installation, or a TKO Graphix company installer. It’s a reenactment on how to apply a vehicle decal. More importantly, the video is a simple walk through of how to apply a vehicle decal. If you follow these six steps you should be able to successfully install a vehicle decal. However, there are other factors such as the condition of the vehicle, quality of materials, availability of tools like squeegees, and climate conditions. We hope you find it informative and helpful.

How to apply a vehicle decal

  1.  Clean the area — In most cases, isotope alcohol is a sufficient cleaning agent. Always use a soft, non-abrasive cloth and be sure the area is completely dry before applying the decal.
  2.  Measure where the decal is to be applied, and make target marks with a soft pencil.
  3.  Position the decal on the marks – be certain the decal is hitting the marks and is level.
  4.  Remove the backer. This puts the adhesive next to the vehicle. Keep one side attached to hold the decal in place.
  5.  Apply the decal with a squeegee, beginning in the middle and working out.
  6.  Remove the protective pre-mask beginning in one corner, and pulling steadily at a 180-degree angle.

You have now installed a decal on your vehicle. However, if you think it might be best to leave it to the professionals let us know. If you’d like a quote on decals or installation by one of our certified professionals, contact us at 888-544-8051 or request a quote.

The installation person in this video is an actor and not a TKO Graphix employee. He is not available for vehicle decal applications. However, we do have more than 100 certified adhesive vinyl vehicle graphics applicators on our full time installation staff.