Are You Missing a Great Lead Source

As sales and marketing professionals, we’re always looking for new ways to generate leads. Do you offer incentives or product discounts to customers, vendors, and sales partners? Have you paid commissions or bonuses for new business to people outside your organization? If you use any or all of these lead generation tools, have they worked for you, and have these practices occasionally generated sales? These initiatives may not bring in a large number of new clients, but they don’t have to. Any prospect introduced to you, in this manner, is a cost-effective bonus. Unlike some traditional prospecting, there shouldn’t be a large marketing expense to these strategies. Also, a referral lead is almost always a warmer lead; someone the prospect knows and trusts has recommended you. If you don’t have these programs in place, you should. Does this make sense? Am I preaching to the choir? Even if you’re doing everything mentioned above — you may be missing the boat.

Do You Offer Incentives for New Business to Your Employees?

Your employees can be your best sales people, and I’m not talking about your sales and marketing team. Production, installation, service, IT, and HR can all be lead generators for you. For this to be effective, you must have a product or service your team believes in, and you need engaged and happy employees. If you have these two things, your team can generate leads with a little incentive and direction.

At TKO, we recently offered gift cards for new business referred by any employee. It’s only 90 days or so until Christmas, you know, but we haven’t stopped there. Here’s what we’ve done:

• Offered gift card incentives

• Published the incentives in a company-wide email and monthly newsletter

• Gave examples of who might use our products

• Trained team leaders on how to approach prospects

We’ve started a conversation and we’re getting some leads, but something else is happening. Employees are expressing their pride in what we do. They’re taking pride in their work and their company. They’re taking ownership. We’d love to know if you have similar programs.

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