How to Grow Your Business & Have More Free Time
You post, pin, and like content. You share content and images you find of interest, and you comment on Facebook. Does that make you social? Is a monologue social? I’m sure if I looked up the definition of “social,” it would likely be defined as, “gatherings of groups,” or something, but it’s more than that. If you attend a “gathering” and stand in a corner, isn’t that considered anti-social? If you’re standing in a corner of social media without joining the conversation, are you really being social?

How to Put the Social Back into Social Media

This will be a very short paragraph. It’s as simple as talking to people and communicating one on one or in groups. Share a dialogue. Being social isn’t just about re-posting or liking—although there’s nothing wrong with any of that. Being social is more about commenting, answering, and joining a conversation.

Does Being Social on Social Media Matter?

Yes, it does. By being social and conversing with others, you’ll meet new friends, build deeper relationships, and learn more about yourself than you ever will standing in the corner broadcasting. Get out of the corner. Go say hello. Join the conversation. Don’t be an anti-social wallflower. Try being a social butterfly; it can be a heck of a lot more interesting and fun.

So… are you social on social media? Are you a wallflower, broadcaster, social butterfly, conversationalist, or somewhere in between?

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