I’ve facilitated SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats) analysis for organizations and teams, but I recently had an epiphany — why not perform a SWOT analysis on… myself. Would it work?

A SWOT analysis is an auditing tool to determine possibilities, direction, and helping to define mission and vision for an organization. I believed the same exercise would work for an individual. It was time to try.

With a group SWOT, I began the analysis with a list of questions (SWOT Analysis Form), then facilitated a brain storming session around questions such as, what strengths need to be maintained, built upon, or leveraged? What weaknesses need to be remedied, changed, or stopped? What opportunities need to be prioritized, captured, built upon, and optimized? And what threats need to be countered or minimized and managed?

Will such questions stimulate ideas for improvement with an individual as well as a team? Would a SWOT analysis be a useful improvement tool for an individual? I tried them on myself and my answer is, yes. The next step is to prioritize and plan activities, in other words — take action.

Below is a complete SWOT Analysis Form for download. I’ll buy a Starbucks for anyone who tries it and is willing to meet to discuss the results. Latte?


Personal SWOT Analysis
Team SWOT Analysis