Last year you set sales goals. You stretched a little, but they were doable. You and management both thought they were realistic and yet—you’re not going to reach them. As a matter of fact, you’re far from it, you’ll be challenged to finish the year matching last year’s performance. You no longer can blame it on a sluggish economy or down market. You have only one place to look…and it’s you.

Get Out of the Office

If you don’t have enough sales, you’re not talking to enough people. Don’t make this more complicated than it is. Don’t get me wrong; you can improve your close percentage (can we replace that with approval rating please?) by meeting customer needs, solving problems, and being available for your customers. But if you place orders with one out of every ten prospects you meet, and you want ten orders per month, you need to talk to 100 prospects. Pretty simple math, isn’t it? So—get out of the office and get out of your car and go meet prospects.  Instead of looking for reasons to stay in the office—look for reasons to leave, you aren’t the production manager and although you may be required to do some follow through, don’t take on more than you need to. Go meet 5 customers’ face-to-face, comment on 10 Social Media posts, make 20 phone calls, and send 30 emails. Get out and go to work or accept that you won’t obtain your sales goals.

Meet Your Customers Needs

If you want to sell more, listen to your prospects and learn their business. By understanding their issues and problems, you can offer solutions that save them time and money AND make their lives easier. If you show a business person how your product or service benefits them, you’ll capture their attention and have a higher approval rating than your competition.

Yes, there’s more to meeting sales goals than this. We could discuss building relationships with customers, selling quality and value over price, and much more, but if you began with these two points, and adjust your activities to improve both, you will increase your sales. This isn’t a maybe—this is fact. The question you need to ask yourself is, do you want to meet your goal enough to make these changes? It’s up to you.

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