I’m involved in offering guidance and direction to our sales team. I facilitate monthly training sessions and meet individually with each sales associate between meetings. We review goals, results, and activities. I offer advice where I can, particularly on organization, time management, sales techniques, and lead generation. When we’ve completed the review, I ask, “Where do you need help?”

This One Simple Question is Big

This question opens the door to conversation about their needs, and I’ve been rewarded with answers, which are making our company a better place. We’ve identified areas to better serve our prospects and customers such as speeding the estimation process, and taken action by adding experienced personal to the process. Individual training has been implemented, time audits have been conducted, and responsibilities have been redistributed more fairly and evenly—all from asking a few questions.

Here are the Questions You Should be Asking Your Sales Team

• Where do you need help?

• What hinders your performance?

• What would improve your job?

• Where does communication break down?

• What tools or training do you need?

• What products or services should we offer that we don’t?

• How are we not meeting customer expectations?

• What’s the hardest sales objection to overcome?

Help Your Sales Team and You Help Your Company

It’s easy to get caught up tracking goals, critiquing activities, and analyzing results during the review. All of those should be reviewed, but not at the expense of ignoring areas where help is needed. Learning your sales team’s areas of frustration offers the opportunity to not only help your sales representatives, but also improve the entire organization. Understanding and improving processes, communication, and customer service doesn’t only make for better sales people—it makes for a better company. What questions do you ask your sales staff?

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