Avoiding The Rebranding Nightmare
You’ve decided to rebrand your organization. It’s been years since you’ve changed anything. Your first challenge is deciding where to start. Then it hits you—this affects your website, vehicle graphics, collateral materials, stationary, uniforms, signs, social media icons, and more. It encompasses anything with your name and logo on it. How will you ever coordinate all of this? Working with multiple providers will bring varied results. Even if you provide a PMS color, different printers, inks, and materials can vary in color intensity and shade. You suddenly have an exterior sign in one shade of blue, brochures in another, and decals on your company cars in yet another. And on top of that, the new logo on the decals looks all stretched out. What a nightmare.

How Can This be Avoided?

One solution is to reduce the number of providers. The more competent solutions one vendor can provide to your many rebranding needs, the less chance of mis-communication and mistakes. And there’s an added bonus—it’s less work for you. If one provider can help you with signs, vehicle graphics, and web design, that’s two fewer providers you have to explain your needs to. Help the provider become your brand overlord.

Isn’t it Better to work with a Specialist?

Although we’ve frequently heard that point of view—you’re asking the wrong question. Just because a vendor specializes doesn’t mean they’re competent. We’ve all, unfortunately, dealt with “specialists” who didn’t deliver. The question you should be asking is, “are they good?” Can a business be good at more than one thing? Are you? At TKO, we are, and we have the satisfied customers to prove it. We can help with branding services from signs to shirts to graphics.

Are you considering rebranding? Streamlining the process by reducing the number of providers will reward you with less confusion and time wasted. Can you imagine trying to explain why you have three different logos? If we can be of assistance, please let us know.

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