Why should you read one more marketing predictions post? Number one, because we’ve been getting it right for a while. Here are 3 Social Media Predictions from 2012. And secondly, we’re keeping it short, sweet, and to the point. Keepin’ it real.

4 Trends

Responsive website and mobile usability. As much as this sounds like a no-brainer we see websites daily that aren’t optimized for mobile devices.

Personalized Responses. Businesses don’t want to be talked “at” with one-size-fits-all marketing. They want their specific needs catered to. When a company visits your site and inquires about product “A” they don’t want an email explaining product “Z.”

More and Varied Content. Quality, useful content is king, but not only blogs. Look for more in-house publishing of eBooks, case studies, checklists, photos, and videos. Content isn’t King-Usefulness is.

Traditional Marketing. Collateral materials, events and trade shows, as well as promotional products, aren’t making a comeback—they’re usefulness has never waned. Here’s another blast from the past. 4 Old School New Marketing Techniques to Watch in 2013.

That’s all Folks

There you have it, and as we promised, this post has been stripped down to the essentials. What are your marketing predictions for 2015 and beyond?