To tell you the truth I was confused about the different types of links. I wasn’t certain what the difference was between inbound, internal, outbound, and backlinks. Have you wondered the same? An outbound link is a link to another website from your blog, for example, Growing Popularity & Links. An internal link is from your blog to a previous post or anywhere on your website, such as contact us. An inbound link is when another website links to your site. Or you can call it a backlink when you describe another site linking to you. Inbound and backlink are the same thing from different perspectives.

Are Backlinks Important?

Only if you want to improve SEO and organically increase traffic to your website.  Because Google Analytics monitors backlinks as part of search ranking. Furthermore, backlinks bring new visitors to your site.

10. Share infographics – Well-designed, informative, and entertaining  infographics get backlinked in blog posts, pinned, and retweeted. Here’s an example Interesting Valentine’s Day Facts

9. Post video on your blog – Sharing video on your blog, creating a vlog, gives readers another reason to link to your post. This video How to remove a Decal, has received more than 30,000 views while being backlinked countless times.

8. Offer share buttons – Place social share buttons to make it easy for readers to share your content. Ours are near the bottom this page.

7. Run a survey – Ask others to help you with a survey. Many of those who complete the survey will share the initial survey and the results. Here’s an example, Survey Says.

6. Sponsor an event – And when you do be sure to include social icons as well as links to your site and blog.

5. Mention clients – One of the best ways to gain backlinks and build relationships with customers is to mention and link to them in posts. 6 Trucking Carriers who use Twitter Effectively

4. Blog consistently – Don’t post six blogs in two days and then not post anything for three months. Offer your readership a steady flow of content.

3. Write quality posts – The quantity of content is critical, but not if it’s poor quality. Business Blogging 101

2. Solicit group posts – Ask others for their advice or opinion and permission to include it in a post. Be sure to link to all contributors. Here’s my favorite six years running, Holiday Wishes VI

And the number one answer, survey says, Guest post – Guest post for others and accept guest posts but only from reliable sources, Guest Blogging Spam Hits New Low. Guest blogs allow you to link back to your site from the post, and others guesting for you introduce you to new readership. My favorite guest blogging strategy is to reciprocate with other bloggers.

Want to be Guest Post Pals? 

In conclusion, if  you’d be interested in reciprocating guests posts, let me know here’s our Guest Post Guidelines.