Indianapolis Zoo
 has built “The best orangutan exhibit in the world.” The 
Simon Skjodt International Orangutan Center is a place for families to learn firsthand and close-up about this highly intelligent and endangered primate. A rainforest inhabitant of Southeast Asia, their natural habitat is quickly vanishing. The enclosure has been designed to make them feel at home. One of the most intriguing features of the new International Orangutan enclosure is the Hutan Trail, which mimics a tree top forest highway allowing  the orangutans to travel around the exhibit, way above visitor’s heads.

How We Did Our Small Part

TKO Signs was asked to help with donar signage. We were thrilled to fabricate aluminum cutouts of orangutans as well  donar plaques. The signs were cut from 50/52 aluminum stock, coated with polyurethane, and acrylic graphics were added. Part of the display includes a “vine” which was fabricated from 3/8 inch chain wielded in the shape of a vine, covered with mesh nylon, which was faux painted in shades of green and brown simulating a jungle vine. The signage recognizing donors are unique, 3-dimensional, and a wonderful addition to the space.

We hope this short video gives you a feel the signage and inspires you to grab the family for a trip to the zoo. Say Hi! to Rocky for us when you do.

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