The Blog Indiana 2012 Social Media & Blogging Conference was held last week, August 9th–10th. TKO was honored to, once again, be a sponsor, and I was privileged to be a part of the conference, presenting on something near and dear to my heart — reciprocal networking. I want to thank everyone who attended my presentation, and especially all my friends who helped. BIN is a place to learn, share, and network. It’s a place to catch up with old friends (ok, I’m the oldest), and meet new friends.

It was a blast watching super presenter Allison Carter’s evolution, Kevin Mullett rise to a new level of rant, Pamela Reilly share many valuable tools, Erik Deckers dissect humor (and spit his coffee when I shared an example using his formula), Robby Slaughter engaging his audience, and Ryan Brock telling us to shut off our inner filters. It was exciting, it was invigorating… it was inspirational.

Lorraine Ball shared from her heart, Muhammad Yasin blew us all away tweeting from his iPhone as he presented, and Kenan Farrell, in his calm tone, told us how to avoid potential liabilities. Doug Karr gave us so many ideas, the questions went on for 20 minutes. Nobody wanted to leave. And these are only the presentations I attended!

And The Problem Is…

At Blog Indiana, three sessions are scheduled simultaneously; choosing which to attend can be a challenge. For example, how could anyone choose between Kenan, Kevin, and Pamela? I didn’t. I flitted between all three — certainly missing some important content from each, but filling a page of notes anyway.

I wanted to learn about podcasting from Dave Woodson, but he was opposite Muhammad. My reasoning for choosing Muhammad’s presentation? TKO doesn’t podcast and Muhammad’s talk on social promotion had more of a bearing on our organization. I asked Sara Croft’s and Nathan Hand’s forgiveness before their presentation; I hear it was big fun, but I needed to learn from Lorraine about how she stopped BEING her brand.

I missed my friend Jon Bausman. Also Michael Reynolds, and Lindsay Manfredi (how could I do that to a fellow musician?), Jeremy Williams, and Chad Richards — you get the idea. There were too many great presentations to choose from. I guess if a conference is to have a problem — this is the one to have. I recommend any individual, business, or organization with a blog, website, or social media presence to attend the next Blog Indiana Conference. Which sessions would you have picked?