This fun and factual video was created by Eric Benge for a presentation given to an HVAC association. It was just too entertaining to let languish on a shelf—so we posted it here and made it public on YouTube.

We’re Passionate about Helping

This is a marketing promotional video. It’s more salesy than what we normally post on the TKO Brandwire blog, but like I said, the video is too good not to share. And…we want people to use our products and services. We’re experienced and darn good at what we do. We solve problems, just like Joe’s in the video. Are you in Joe’s shoes? Watch the video or read the transcript and let us know if you share in Joe’s predicament. If you do, we can help, but only if you want. There, that wasn’t too pushy was it?


This is Joe.

Joe has a wife, 2 kids and a calico cat.

He owns Joe’s Heating & Cooling.

He has a shop, 2 guys, two vans, and a phone.

Joe wants his business to grow.


Joe knows heating.

Joe knows cooling,

But Joe knows very little about marketing and branding.


He knows he needs more calls.

So, Joe meets TKO Graphix.

TKO helps him with his brand identity. Creating a unified image across every aspect of his company builds confidence in customers. The vehicle graphics match the sign, which matches the business cards, which match the– well, you get the idea.

TKO Graphix offers Complete Graphic Solutions. Why use several companies when you can use just one. Our services include marketing services, print and digital design, vehicle graphics, signs, and promotional products.

Now, Joe has a unified brand that is easily identifiable. You could say it’s A “Brand” New Joe.

Let TKO Graphix brand your company.

TKO is a Family of Companies

If you’d like to learn more about the marketing products and services we offer, contact us.  When it comes to marketing—we’re not your average Joe.