Good design is versatile. Sound graphic design is constructed of elements that can be effective in multiple applications. For example, some of the most iconic logos are compelling whether they’re part of a trade show booth, print ad, TV commercial, or swooping across a basketball shoe. Good design is good design.

Don’t get me wrong, there are differences. A fleet graphic traveling at 55 MPH is not the same as a stationary billboard, which is not the same as a brochure. But certain design elements remain the same across the board. Color, contrast, space, proportion, brand adherence, font choice, and continuity are critical to any graphic design regardless of its application. Good design is good design.

Who Designed this Trade Show Booth?

Which leads me to my point; TKO Graphix didn’t design or build this impressive Bryant Iowa trade show booth. So why am I talking about this display? Because the basic graphics used on Bryant Iowa’s fleet of vehicles, which TKO designed, is the same design used for the trade show booth (we did design banners for the booth). Like I said, good design is good design.

In the second paragraph I mentioned brand adherence, but what does that mean? Simply put it’s that anything an organization puts its name on should be recognizable as part of the brand. Whether it’s a website, vehicle graphic, or trade show booth anyone who sees it knows the brand. That’s what Bryant Iowa has achieved.

Who is Bryant Iowa and What do they do?

“Bryant Iowa Heating and Cooling is a certified Bryant dealer, but we also service all types of heating and cooling units. We utilize the latest technology and practices to keep Ankeny area furnaces and air conditioning unites running at peak performance year-round. From installing gas lines and geothermal to full house analysis, we have the experience to fulfill any of your heating and cooling needs with expert efficiency.” — Bryant 

How Good is Your Graphic Design?

How effective is your graphic design? Does your logo stand out? Is your brand the same across multiple applications? When clients or potential customers see your vehicles, trade show booth, or a print ad do they know it’s you even before they read it?

If you’re uncertain, it might be time to have a professional graphic design team audit your brand, because good design is good design and bad design is forgetful. If you’d like to learn more about branded graphics Contact Us.

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