TKO had previously worked with C-CAT, designing, fabricating, and installing two signs and vehicle graphics, but we’d never done anything like this before… for anyone. I sat down with both Kristi Johnson, president of C-CAT who conceptualized this project, and TKO Signs designer and fabricator, Chad Thompson.

Chad began by researching C-CAT. What did they stand for? What were their core values? How did they want to be recognized? Their brand message was order from chaos, elegance from disheveled—that’s exactly what Chad did with the sign. With help from Kim and her team, he organized their product and materials into a non-traditional, one-of-a-kind sign that could only be C-CATS. The sign took nearly one hundred hours from design to install—it’s truly a work of art.

C-CAT specializes in infrastructure and low-voltage cabling services for government, educational, and commercial facilities. Based in Indianapolis, “Our goal at the outset of every relationship is to work in partnership with clients to ensure attention to detail from the first bid to the final punch list. When we terminate the cables on your job site, you’ll see the difference with a clean closet and identifiable cabling system. No guess and no mess left behind.”

If you’d like your own individual work of art sign, let us know. Chad and the TKO Signs team are ready to add art to your gallery. He might even sign it for you.

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