Can gamification be used to boost performance, recruit a new generation of drivers, and improve health and safety? Can gamification make trucking fun? We believe it can because it’s worked in other industries.  So here’s how it could work.

What is Gamification?

The key element of gamification is to take gaming principles and apply them to non-gaming situations. Scoring points, tracking standings, and setting a course to complete are traditional elements of games that can be applied to organizations to engage employees, motivate teams, and reach goals.

For example, The United States Army uses gamification for recruitment and training US Army Begins Search for Next Generation Training. 

How Can Gamification Be Used in Trucking?

“On Jan. 1, refrigerated carrier C.R. England Inc. rolled out a gamification program that awards points to drivers monthly for safety, fuel efficiency, on time performance and total drive hours. Drivers also can earn additional points for completing online training or selection as driver of the quarter or the year.”  Transport Topics

If you can track it, you can score it. Observable behavior and objective criteria can be used to create point systems. Whether its departmental competition among peers or individuals striving for their personal best, gamification can make improvement fun. Here are a couple of examples:

Fuel Efficiency Gamification

Track and measure MPG (Miles per Gallon) as often as possible. This is your score. Inform drivers how much they control fuel efficiency.

  • Slowing from 75 MPH to 64 MPH reduces fuel usage by 15%
  • Tire inflation affects fuel mileage
  • Shifting can impact fuel efficiency
  • Reducing idle time helps save fuel

Track points and offer prizes and rewards either to the top of each category, to those who beat their personal best, or both.

Customer Service Challenge

Keep track of customer testimonials and reviews.

  • Offer rewards to drivers by earning points for positive customer testimonials
  • Give the driver printed material customers can complete to review the driver
  • Create an online site where customers can submit testimonials
  • Train drivers when to ask for testimonials (anytime a customer expresses their pleasure with the service)
  • Train drivers how to ask for testimonials—it can be as simple as sharing with the customer that the driver is in a competition and would appreciate the customers help by completing a survey

Once again offer prizes and rewards for top qualifiers and milestones.

How Can Your Company Use Gamification?

Whether your business is trucking or something else, gamification can be used to improve your organization because it’s fun and focused. So, look at where your business needs improvement. Is it recruiting new hires, training, and retention or cost savings, efficiency, and boosting the bottom line? Regardless, gamification can be used to make it better. It must be something that can be measured and tracked, it cannot be we’ll do better or work harder. It needs to be specific objective criteria, so instead of we’ll work smarter, commit to something concrete and measurable such as, cutting idle time by 20% this week.

If it’s a competition track it, post it publicly, and offer appropriate rewards. Gamification not only can be used to improve selective and specific aspects of a business but it makes it fun doing so. And that’s important because employees that have fun at work, usually work harder, and stay longer. That’s not a bad thing, is it?