TKO Graphix national account manager, Chase Yocom, visited Quest Global, a refrig­er­ated freight shipping company out of Cartersville, Georgia. Although they had a vehicle graphics provider, they were willing to keep an open mind to Chase’s standing offer of help. Not long after Chase’s visit, Quest expe­ri­enced problems with their vehicle graphics and asked for his expert advice. Quest had two chal­lenges with the graphics on their trucks. A recently wrapped vehicle was damaged, and the replace­ment graphics didn’t match the undamaged areas. The age and condition of graphics can make color matching difficult, but this wasn’t the case. Color matching can be a problem when digital printers aren’t regularly color cal­i­brated. Quest was also dis­sat­is­fied with the “grain­i­ness” of the image.


Chase inspected the repairs on the damaged vehicle and offered Quest one solution to both concerns—screen print. Even a Pantone color will drift on an improp­erly color coor­di­nated digital printer, but mixing color for screen print is an accurate procedure. As for the grain­i­ness concern, screen print is not a col­lec­tion of colored dots creating an image—it’s applied one solid color at a time with no pixelation.


Chase printed a test set using TKO Graphix’s large format screen process. Being an expe­ri­enced installer, Chase joined the crew in States­boro, Georgia for the initial instal­la­tion. The outcome was nearly perfect—color matched screen printed graphics with solid images. TKO went on to the complete more than 80 refrig­er­ated tractor trailers for Quest this year.