1 06, 2017

How to Restart Your Email Marketing and Save Your Marketing Career

By | 2017-05-17T14:57:23+00:00 June 1st, 2017|Sales & Marketing|

For whatever reason, your email marketing campaign has fizzled. Four years ago you sent an e-newsletter to more than 3,000 customers. Since then many of your clients have opted out, people didn’t seem to care about a newsletter, and Eric the intern, who was managing it, left for a full-time position at a competitor. So… [...]

17 05, 2017

5 Methods for Improving Verbal Communication

By | 2017-05-17T11:00:53+00:00 May 17th, 2017|Sales & Marketing|

Communication begins with understanding and in order to understand one has to listen. Before anyone can delve into the nuances of communication such as identifying ambiguous words and phrases or recognizing the arguments in support of a conclusion, it has to be heard. Improving verbal communication begins with better listening. Are You a Good Listener? [...]

10 05, 2017

How the Internet of Things is Changing Marketing  

By | 2017-05-10T10:42:47+00:00 May 10th, 2017|Sales & Marketing|

The internet of things is changing the face of marketing. Traditional marketing broadcasts across multiple mediums. With IoT (Internet of Things) the product itself can become a marketing medium. Here are a few examples:  5 Internet of Things Marketing Illustrations  Tostitos Breathalyzer Chip Bag – Tostito released a special bag for Super Bowl weekend. When [...]

14 04, 2017

And Then She Asked me, “Where Do You Go to Learn How to Sell?”  

By | 2017-04-14T09:42:29+00:00 April 14th, 2017|Sales & Marketing|

I was chatting with a  co-worker about action plans following up on a customer service assignment when she asked me where to go to learn how to sell. The question took me by surprise. As far as I could recall no one had ever asked me this question. So, where do you go to learn [...]

18 01, 2017

Under Promise and Over Deliver? How About Just Keeping Your Promise

By | 2017-01-23T09:48:21+00:00 January 18th, 2017|Sales & Marketing|

For years I’ve preached not to over promise and under deliver, and I stick by that. However, purposely under promising to over deliver isn’t a good marketing plan. If you purposely under promise the likelihood that you’ll lose sales is guaranteed. Any competitor who can offer your client more than your under promised plan has [...]

29 12, 2016

How to Set Scientific Sales Goals for 2017

By | 2016-12-29T10:06:12+00:00 December 29th, 2016|Sales & Marketing|

It’s the time of year when people think about goals. Business people discuss monthly, quarterly, and year-long goals for the coming New Year. Salespeople look at potential new business and outperforming last year’s numbers. But what are realistic sales goals? I’ve said before You Cannot Do a Goal You Can Do Activities. To set a goal [...]

8 12, 2016

Is it Okay to Wish Your Customers Merry Christmas?

By | 2016-12-08T10:39:56+00:00 December 8th, 2016|Sales & Marketing|

Isn’t it a little sad that marketers have to be concerned about offending clients if they wish them a Merry Christmas? The truth is whether your business shares Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays you might offend some. However, the facts are that more people use Merry Christmas than Happy Holidays. So, is it okay to wish your [...]

16 11, 2016

Body Language Is Language’s Punctuation

By | 2016-11-16T09:53:04+00:00 November 16th, 2016|Sales & Marketing|

Words alone are only part of any face-to-face communication. How we stand and sit punctuates the words we share. By being aware of your bodies signals, you can avoid sending unintended messages. And you can improve the message you want to send. Don’t be Defensive Defensive body language affects communication. It’s difficult enough to communicate [...]