So, who is Celadon? What do they do? And why is it important? The Celadon home page shares this,

“Founded in 1985 and employing over 4,000 associates worldwide, Celadon Group Inc. (NYSE: CGI) is one of the largest and most progressive transportation and logistics companies in North America. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Celadon operates roughly 3,000 tractors and 8,700 trailers.”

So, that answers what they do, how long they’ve been doing it, how big they are, and where they’re located, but it doesn’t really share WHO they are. And that’s the best part of the story because who they are is a lesson for any business leader. 

What Sets Celadon Apart? So, Who is Celadon?

• Celadon has been recognized by American Heart Association as a Fit Friendly Company—more than once. And they should be; in 2011 Celadon opened an on-site primary physician care facility with prescription services and rehabilitation therapy.

• Celadon has been honored several times as a top place to work including Indy Star Top Workplaces 2014

• Celadon is committed to safety, and it starts with superior equipment. Because the industry’s average tractor is seven years old, Celadon averages less than two years. They’ve won the prestigious Truckload Carriers National Safety Award three times.

• Celadon cares about the environment and has earned the EPA Smartway Award, “Given to only one percent of SmartWay Partners each year, this award recognized company achievements as Partners in the SmartWay Transport Partnership and their contributions to the sustainability of global supply chains.” It only stands to reason that Celadon would support green initiatives since Celadon, the word, is defined as a “shade of green.”

Awards and Recognition

The awards and recognition listed above are only the tip of the iceberg—here’s an entire page of Awards and Accreditations Celadon has received.

Providing and caring for their customers, employees, and community, Celadon is a leader in corporate responsibility. We could all take a lesson from them on succeeding in business—the right way. TKO Graphix is proud to be a Celadon provider because we couldn’t ask for a better folks to work with. Thank you.

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