This video shares an oversimplified, yet effective, way to evaluate team members, and how to best work with them. If we group job skills into “skilled” and “unskilled,” then divide attitude into “positive” and “negative,” we can loosely identify four types and understand how we may help each other.

S = Skilled, knows the job and can reliably complete tasks on-time and correctly
U = Unskilled, does not complete jobs on-time or correctly (includes new or untrained team members)
P = Positive influence, focuses on fun and getting the job done, recognizes peers, shares in successes, keeps drama at home
N = Negative, openly complains about the job, procedures, pay, or company, and position in general — challenges leadership.

S/P — Influencer
Ask for their help and advice to improve the team. Make this person part of the planning process in their department, and you’ll have an evangelist.

U/N — Complainer
Eliminate this behavior by giving written expectations with consequences. Share with them how and when to voice their concerns and complaints. Train them.

U/P — Character
Train job skills and develop team relationships. This is the type of employee who can help an organization grow.

S/N — Toxic
Unchecked, they can destroy the morale of an entire department. Since they’re skilled at the job they may influence many. Don’t condone this behavior by ignoring it. Give expectations – set boundaries.

By proactively understanding your employees, communicating with them, and providing guidelines, you’ll build a stronger organization where everyone works together more effectively in a positive work environment. If you’re in management, what key personalities and skills have you identified within your team, and how do you relate with them?