This TMC Trade Show video wasn’t meant to be publicly posted — it was produced for a trade show. So why are we posting it? Because we want to share what’s possible with a little imagination and a lot of help from 12 Stars Media. Many organizations hesitate to use video due to production costs. It doesn’t take thousands to produce an effective professional video that can be used on websites, in blogs, and at events. For example, we have less than $200 invested in this video.

If you’re not familiar with 12 Stars Media, they’re a video production company in Fishers, Indiana. They offer a video editing service, Candidio, which we’ve used for nearly three years. With Candidio, we shoot our video and outline the production. They complete the editing, which includes adding graphics, text, and music. 12 Stars Media calls this process “Real Simple Video.”

How was this video produced?

It began with an outline — Nancy Jarial, TKO Graphix VP of Marketing, created a storyboard, which included photos, video, and text.

Photos were chosen — Most of the photos used in this video were already in our database.

Video was shot — This included the time lapse segment in the video, which only took three hours to shoot.

Edits were completed — 12 Stars shared the first draft of the video and a few minor changes were made.

For a small investment in time and money, we produced a professional video for a specific demographic at a trade show. It’s not difficult when you have a professional production company supporting you. How could YOU use real simple video? If you’d like more on the process or equipment used in this production, contact us; we’d be more than happy to share.

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