As I followed the progress of Martin James Investment & Tax Management’s sign fabrication, our TKO Signs team explained what they were doing and why they were doing it. They were excited by the challenges this sign presented and their creative solutions. The most demanding question was how to attach the sign to a curved rooftop. Picture the top of a bay window — except the sloop is curved and it’s a lot larger. If the team hadn’t educated me, I would’ve never known this sign was so special. As I watched the video, it occurred to me that a short glossary of terms might be helpful. The following definitions are from the TKO Signs staff:

  • Channel Letters – Aluminum formed cans shaped as letters
  • Back-lit – Internally illuminated signs using LED (Light-Emitting Diodes)
  • Raceway – A long cabinet containing all electrical components, to which the channel letters are mounted
  • Trim Cap – Molding that fits around channel letter edges
  • Cabinets – All boxes, usually aluminum, that form the structure and/or hold electrical
  • Faces – The front of the letter that fits over the channel, usually made from acrylic, and may have a vinyl overlay

The sign industry is a custom industry. Options are available for color, size, lighting, and more on every component. The Martin James sign has a lighted raceway, which is black, with silver channel letters, a gold trim cap, and separate blue and white faces. Can you identify these parts in the video?
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