I recently published a book. The New Manager’s Workbook: A crash course in effective management. I excitedly went to Amazon and searched the title. It came up on the first page! It looked great. There it was, my book, for all to see—except in the review it said it was written by Randy Clark from Pennsylvania, an evangelical minister not a leadership and management trainer. I don’t live in Pennsylvania.

 Wait, what?

I immediately contacted my friend and formatter Andy Hollandbeck, who advised me to contact Create Space, the paperback publisher. I called and with little wait time talked to a pleasant representative—who couldn’t help me. It was an Amazon problem, not a publishing problem.

I went to Amazon online and found a help desk for authors. I had the option of being contacted by email or phone. I opted for phone. Here’s the part that’s unbelievable, my phone rang almost before I took my fingers off the keyboard. It was less than 30 seconds.

Will the real Randy Clark please stand up?

I worried they might not believe me; really, I’m the “that” Randy Clark. I had even searched the other Randy Clark, found his website and was prepared to reach out to him if this didn’t work. I was concerned. Would there be difficulty taking down the erroneous information?

A very helpful and polite representative, took my information, found my book, and noted the mistake, He apologized and informed me it could take a week to 10 days to get it completely off the site due to the number of severs involved. Here’s the second thing. Two days later it was removed. He had under-promised and over-delivered. I was amazed.

Lessons for us all

  1. Be available for you customers
  2. Listen politely and respectfully to your customer’s problems
  3. Keep an open mind
  4. Find a solution
  5. Under-promise and over-deliver

How good is your service?

I can’t remember the last time I’ve experienced such helpful and courteous customer service. The next time I’m charged with helping a customer I can only hope I’m half as good. How does your customer service compare?