Businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising trying to reach their target audience. Companies use hundreds of hours attempting to market their solutions to potential buyers. Organizations do everything they can to build trust and develop long term relationships with loyal customers. However, many businesses miss an obvious piece to this marketing puzzle—Customer Service Representatives.

It starts with a good product and great service

 A great CSR can do more to support the growth of an organization than almost any type of marketing. The service a CSR gives a customer has more to do with customers returning or going to a competitor than any advertisement. How well a CSR meets the need of clients will have more to do with business reputation than almost anything a company can do.

Great CSR’s build relationships

When CSR’s meet client needs and solve their problems, loyal customers are developed. Loyal customers come back. Loyal customers buy more. Loyal customers send referrals. And sometimes all a satisfied customer needs to buy more products and share referrals is to be asked.

Teach CSRs to market—start with a simple script

This script isn’t really a script. It’s meant to be a guide and a crutch. It’s fine to use it word-for-word, and it’s just as OK to use your own words. For example, it says – Thank the customer – it doesn’t give you the exact words. That’s up to the individual. The reason for the script is to offer some direction, so you don’t have to think about it. If you’re constantly thinking about what you have to say, it’s difficult to listen to the customer.

At the end of the call with a happy customer

First thank the customer.

  • May I ask – did you know we offer (other suggested products)”
  • “Would it be OK to send some information about the (product)? Who should we contact?
  •  “I wish we had more customers like you – what other businesses do you know that could use any of our services?”

It’s a start

Is the script perfect for every business, customer, and call? Absolutely not, but it’s a start. Put it in your own words. Write it to fit your business. The important point isn’t that CSR’s follow a script; the important point is that share other product ideas with happy customers and ask them for referrals. Do you want a stronger company with more loyal customers? Let your CSR’s ask customers for business and give them the tools to do so.