Gary Bush of Liquid Waste Removal, Inc. (LWR) doesn’t believe a work truck has to look like a “work truck.” He wants people to remember “The Big Purple Truck.” We loved decaling big purple.

The LWR purple splashed vacuum truck was among the highlights of the Pumper Cleaner Environmental Expo International. The expo was held the last week of February 2012. The event will be held again in February, 2013, at the Indiana Convention Center.

According to the Liquid Waste Removal’s website. Trucks like this are used to manage “over 400 million metric tons of industrial waste generated each year.”

Liquid Waste Management Truck Graphics by TKO Graphix, Plainfield, Indiana

The LWR vacuum truck is not only eye-catching, but versatile. In an article by Christopher M. Hunter, he explains how vacuum trucks help clean oil spills, empty septic tanks, clear storm drains, and how they are used in trench collapse rescue operations.

Big purple was a big hit at TKO Graphix. It seems every TKO employee stopped by the LWR vacuum truck as our installers transformed it from a mundane work truck, to “Big Purple.”