Do You Plan to Win the Race?
Indy Car and Nascar have competed their 2012 seasons, with Ryan Hunter-Reay and Brad Kieslowski winning the top series championships. Sebastion Vettle is currently leading the Formula 1 standings, which finishes 11/25 at the Brazilian Grand Prix. Considering the racing season is nearly over, it may seem strange to talk about race car graphics, but let me ask you a question: When’s the best time to plan for next year?

Whether you own a race team, a print shop, or a restaurant, it’s wise to plan ahead. As I’m writing this, one of my co-workers is on the phone with a client who needs graphics for a meeting – next week. It’s likely the meeting has been scheduled for some time. Waiting until the last minute is an avoidable risk, so why take it? The crunch time factor plays largely into many failed projects with missed deadlines, botched opportunities, and loose details that may affect the end-product much less effective. The RUSH job is so prominent in today’s business culture, and while the ability to offer it and do it well is important, it’s best if they’re avoided to ensure the best, most timely product possible.

What projects are you looking at over the next couple months? We’d love to help you plan ahead and win the race.