WordCamp Cincinnati was my first experience with a WordPress themed Camp. I could probably make this a very short post by saying if you use WordPress, if you blog, design, support, or create websites then you should go to the next WordCamp in your area because everything else I share on this blog post will lead back to my last statement. You should go.

My point of view was from two perspectives, that of an attendee and as a presenter. Both views were outstanding. I enjoyed break out presentations, learned a lot, and was pleasantly surprised by the engagement and participation of the audience during my presentation.

Three Reasons to Attend WordCamp

It’s a Place to Network with like-minded People

Nearly everyone I talked to was open to conversation, sharing their knowledge, and willing to help. I made a few connections that I hope and expect to continue long after WordCamp. During the opening remarks, Aaron Forgue suggested everyone skip one session and conduct a hallway session, networking with others. What a great idea!

It didn’t matter how people used WordPress, whether it was for a company store, a blogging platform, or an agency that built business websites, everyone was hungry to learn, willing to share, and ready to connect. My kinda peeps.

It’s a Well Planned and Organized Event

Like I said, this was my first WordCamp, maybe this team was more organized than others, but I doubt it. WordCamps have been going on long enough to be systemized, and WordCamp Cincinnati went like clockwork. The organizers and volunteers did an outstanding job. I was amazed at how much they accomplished with such a low admissions fee.

Friday before the event there was a reception for speakers and volunteers. I mentioned the soon to be released WordPress editor Guttenberg and was immediately directed to Andrew Duthie , who not only was an organizer of this event, but also was involved in the development Guttenberg. Andrew proceeded to answer my questions and share about the new editor for more than twenty minutes. Thank you, Andrew!

If You Want to Learn about WordPress, then WordCamp is the Place to be

I’m going to repeat that, if you want to learn about WordPress then WordCamp is the place to be. I spent a lot of time in WordPress 101 where Dustin Hartzler and Brian Retterer  did a masterful job of going over WordPress basics and answering questions from multiple levels of participants. There were enough sessions on various topics to fit the needs of everyone.

Earlier I mentioned how accessible and accommodating everyone was. I want to share an example that defined WordCamp for me and blew me away. At the end of Saturday Night, I ran into Brian Retterer, who I mentioned earlier presented WordPress 101. I told Brian I had missed one session of his presentation and he immediately pulled out his laptop, placed it on a nearby counter, and shared the content I had missed. Wow. Just wow. For me, that’s what epitomized WordCamp. Good people wanting to learn, help, and share.

When’s the next WordCamp near you? You can check here, WordCamp Schedule, let me know I might meet you there. Anyone wanna buy me a ticket to WordCamp Paris?







Photo credit: Manuel Schmalstieg via Foter.com / CC BY