How many of you have made a New Year’s resolution and failed to reach your goal? Count me in. I’ve failed to begin, given up, and fallen short more than once. I didn’t complete a resolution I made in 2012 until 2015! Why Do We Make New Year’s Resolutions?

A couple of years ago a friend made a resolution to run one mile per day and to do it outdoors come rain or shine. I had the privilege to run with her on a few cold and snowy days. She made her resolution.

I asked her how she did it and one of the things she said was the more she did it, the easier it became. So the first key to reaching your resolution is to get started and then keep going.

Ten Keys to Positive New Year’s Resolution Results

Set a realistic goal

My friend, the runner, has run marathons. She often ran more than the one mile per day she resolved to run. However, had her daily goal been five miles there would’ve been days where time, weather, and her physical condition might have prevented her from reaching her goal.

Stick to one

Don’t attempt too many resolutions. Had my friend committed to one mile per day, lose 10 pounds, and a diet of nuts and berries it would’ve added unneeded layers of difficulty. I don’t know if she lost weight, (she didn’t need to), but she certainly was in great physical condition at the end of the year.

Go public

Are you serious about your resolution? If so, go public. Tell folks what you plan to do, how you plan to it, and keep them updated on your progress.

Get a buddy

Or get more than one, but find friends who are willing and ready to hold each other accountable to their resolutions, and who can motivate you to keep going.

Break it down

Would a goal of 365 miles for the year have been more difficult for my friend than one mile per day? Maybe, but breaking it into highly doable daily chunks was much easier to swallow.

Recognize and reward yourself

All of us need recognition, for some of us, there’s no greater motivation. When you reach a milestone, give yourself a reward.

Fall into a routine

This goes back to my friend explaining the longer she did it, the easier it became. The more you do it, the more comfortable you are, and it’s a lot harder to quit when you’re 125 days into it. Keep on keepin’ on.

Make time for it

If you want to reach your resolution, schedule it. Put it on your calendar, add it to your daily to-do list, and send yourself an alert.

Look toward the end of the tunnel

Look ahead and envision what success looks like. Understanding what you can gain and how you’ll feel about yourself when you achieve your goal are constant sources of inspiration.

Know you’ll face discouragement

Your inner voice will tell you you’re not worthy. Your body will revolt, and friends will tell you it’s okay to quit—you tried. Don’t listen to them. Tell them all thank you, but no. I got this!

Are you resolved?

Are you ready to go public with a resolution? Is it realistic? Do our have a buddy? Will it be part of your daily routine? If you’re ready to go public with your resolution is, leave it in comments. Good luck and happy New Year!


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