CNC (computer numerical control) routers use CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided manufacturing) programs to create files, which are loaded into a CNC processor and sent to the router for production.

How Are They Used?

CNC routers can be set to cut wood, aluminum, metals, soft and hard plastic, veneer, laminate, and foam. They’re used to cut sign components, machine parts, small signs, and replacement pieces. A CNC router can manufacture 2 dimension and 2.5 dimension products along with bas-relief and beveled fabrications. It’s particularly useful in cutting logos, letters, and shapes.

equipment_gerber_routerThe Gerber CNC router, pictured here, is manufactured by Gerber Scientific Products  a division of Gerber Scientific Inc. Gerber products entered the field in 1981 and in 1982 introduced an automated lettering machine the Signmaker III; they’ve stayed on the “cutting edge” of CNC routers ever since.

What do They Add?

Among many advantages, such as time savings and material efficiency, CNC routers can be used to meet exact fabrication specifications. Adding CNC routed components to any sign adds dimension, a creative touch, and a richer more expensive look and feel; routers put the design in sign.

If you’d like to learn more about CNC routers contact our team of experienced sign fabricators—they’re a cut above.

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