Modern commercial awnings are available in a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, and graphic applications. Unlike the store front awnings of old, today’s awnings offer many benefits including visual appeal, protection, affordability, and energy savings, which make them a good investment for businesses.

Visual Appeal

Awnings create distinctive architectural appeal while providing shade and shelter. They also provide flexible design options for buildings with a variety of colors, styles, and structures. These numerous options enhance appeal by creating beautiful focal points while welcoming customers.

Comfort & Protection

Awnings and canopies are a great way to provide protection from the elements for incoming patrons, as well as employee break areas outside. Not only do they protect on the outside, but inside furnishings, drapes, and carpet are also protected from UV rays that cause fading.

Energy Savings

In a typical building, more energy is lost through glass doors and windows than through any other construction element. Exterior fabric window awnings can reduce interior heat in businesses during periods of direct sunlight by 77% according to a study by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers. Since awning fabric doesn’t trap heat and moisture, an awning can reduce air-conditioning costs by as much as 25%.

 Fabric or Vinyl?

Today, there are thousands of different fabric colors and patterns available for commercial awnings. The question is whether to use fabric or vinyl.  The loose weave of fabric makes it highly breathable, so hot air and moisture will not be trapped. State of the art fabric materials such as Sunbrella resist damage from Ultra Violet light, mold, and mildew.  Vinyl-laminated polyesters are resistant to UV light, mildew, and water and are recommended for use in areas of sustained high humidity.

Adding Graphics to Your Awning:

Several options are available for adding graphics to your awning. Your logo, company name, and more can be added to or printed directly on your awning. We can Screen print directly to the fabric, apply pressure-sensitive vinyl, or print digitally onto the fabric.

Is a 21st Century Awning Right for Your Business?

An awning or canopy can be an affordable way to provide commercial signage for your business while setting your building apart from others. Today’s awnings are used over entryways, outside dining areas, above windows, walkways, and employee break areas. They can be used instead of traditional signage. If you’d like to learn more about commercial awnings, TKO can help with design, fabrication, graphics application, installation, re-covers, and permitting. For more information, contact us here.

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