Gardening is one of my favorite past times. I plant more than 40 flower beds and put out 30-40 tomato and hot pepper plants per season. To say I like gardening is an understatement—I’m obsessed. When I considered what to give a gardener, I thought, what would I both like AND use?

What Would I like?

• Gloves — Gardeners always need gloves, and the higher quality the glove, the more likely they’ll be kept and reused.

• Seeds, seeds, and more seeds — Wildflower, cosmos, cleome, and hundreds more.

• Toy garden kit — OK, I didn’t think of this, but I saw it while doing research. I’m ordering two for my grandchildren.

• Planters and pots — Pots with topsoil and planters with seeds are always welcome.

What Would I keep?

The truth is—all of it, but some promotional gardening items lend themselves to reuse such as:

• Decorations — Bird and bat houses (yes, I have a bat house), rain gauges, sundials, bird baths, benches, and thermometers are all fun garden accessories that will be enjoyed many years to come.

• Apparel — A gardening tool vest, visors and hats, and knee pads. (Grandpa Randy likes knee pads.)

• Tools — I never have enough trowels and spades. I keep two separate toolkits — one for the frontyard garden, and the other for the backyard garden (there’s an idea—a specialty promotional toolkit). A gardener can never have enough rakes, shovels, and water cans.

A gardener will use, cherish, and remember specialty items related to his or her passion for planting. For those of us who like to put our hands in the earth, a promotional garden product may be the best way for us to remember and connect with any organization. If you’d like to learn more about gardening promotional product opportunities, contact us. We guarantee the idea will grow on you. And anytime you want to talk gardening with me, leave a comment—we’ll chat.

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