Featured Customer: University of Michigan Solar Car
photo credit: Joseph Xu, College of Engineering

Last week, University of Michigan unveiled its 2013 solar car, “Generation,” at the General Motors Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit. The slogan is, “Go fast. Go smooth. Go Blue.” For several years, TKO Graphix has been privileged to wrap the university’s annual solar car. Once again, the 2013 edition will compete in the World Solar Challenge. It’s a week-long, 1,800-mile trek across the Australian continent in October. Twenty of the nearly 100 students who helped design and build the vehicle will be part of the official race crew. With over a year spent developing the car, the team will take off the fall semester to compete for the world’s title. We’re proud to be the provider of the University of Michigan solar car vehicle graphics. 

It’s a New Generation

Generation is the 12th solar car designed and constructed by UM. General Motors has sponsored the project since its inception. Jon Lauckner, GM chief technology officer and vice president of global R&D, said, “These types of practical, hands-on competitions stretch the limits of current technology and hone engineering and leadership skills of University of Michigan graduates, some of whom may wind up one day working for General Motors.”

University of Michigan Solar Car Vehicle Graphics 

We enjoyed working with Avery Dennison and the University of Michigan on this car, but I think we get a bigger thrill knowing our work will be traversing one of the most demanding climates in the world, racing across the desserts of Australia. If you’d like to learn more about this cool car, check out this University of Michigan article and video.