Fleet Graphics: Is Price Your Main Objection?
Our TKO marketing team attended yesterday’s very informative 2012 Masters of Business Online, where keynote speaker, Nichole Kelly, offered many useful takeaways. Writing posts about FAQ’s and common objections from prospects and customers was one. We post a weekly FAQ on this blog, but hadn’t included objections — until now. I asked our sales staff their most frequent objections from prospects. Among those were price, production time, and satisfaction with current providers. Let’s talk about price.

Price Is the Bottom Line — Or Is It?

We’ve all heard “you get what you pay for,” but that’s not always the case, is it? The bottom line should be: will the product do what you need it to do? And in business, the bottom line shouldn’t be cost, but return. Buying decisions made on cost alone is a risky strategy at best.

Offer a Product of Value

How can you know if a product or service will perform well? Is there a comprehensive warranty? We offer manufacturer warranties that vary by product. The key is to match the product to the customer’s needs. Offering a less costly and inadequate material, only to show a more attractive price, is bad business. In the long run, it will lose customers.

Does the warranty cover material and labor? A friend recently had a problem with life-time warrantied windows he’d purchased for his home. Unfortunately, since the windows had been installed by sub-contractors, the warranty doesn’t cover installation. They will honor the warranty if he removes the window, sends it to the manufacturer, and re-installs it. Our warranties cover product and installation. We have over 50 UASG certified vehicle graphics installers.

Customer Loyalty Counts

Does the company have loyal customers? 27 years ago, TKO Graphix had seven customers. Due to mergers, buyouts, and closings, only two of those companies are around today. One of the two, Frontier Transport, was our first customer, and is still a customer. After Steve Harris, Frontier’s President in 1985, left and became CFO at Transcorr Logistics, they also began using TKO, and continue to this day. Pace Air Freight, our second customer, has been a TKO partner for 27 years. Our first two customers are still with us.

What do customers say about the company, product, and service? It’s easy to check consumer protection agencies, such as the Better Business Bureau, but with online search, we’re all one click away from discovery and transparency. We’re proud of our relationships with customers, and are happy to let them tell you about us. If you’d like to talk to one of our customers just let us know.

Studies show vehicle and fleet graphics are the most cost-effective advertising available. The CPU (Cost per 1000 Impressions) is lower than any other form of traditional advertising. In a day when many advertising, marketing, and promotional dollars are wasted on ineffective campaigns, we’re passionate and proud to offer something that works for ROI – fleet graphics.